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Our Story

The Beginning

Phenix on Fire Entertainment is the creation of long time corporate event DJ and MC Eric Long, aka DJ Scoobie.   Eric began his career in the early 90’s as a club DJ while in school at Clemson University. “ When I was in growing up, I would always have my friends over and make mix tapes for a party.  My parents had a big basement for me and I would spend hours dialing in the appropriate lighting and sound.  I used colored bulbs, grabbed speakers from Dad’s stereo and would move the furniture around to make sure my friends had a cool room to walk into. I loved it!  Becoming a DJ just seemed like the avenue to follow because it involved a little bit of everything”.   

No long after college, Eric set his sights on targeting corporate events for his entertainment business. 

“I was fascinated by the scope and magnitude of the corporate events and the creativity that could be infused into making an event come to life. It was a huge step up from my parents basement!  At the time most of the other DJ’s were either focused on the private events such as weddings, Bar Mitzvas, or birthday parties.   Either that or they wanted to be a big club DJ.  While I loved being a club dj for the music, I was also captivated by the production of it all.  Not only did I want to play the music, but I wanted to design all of the pristine sound and sparkly lights to go along with it!”

The Early 2000’s

That is exactly what he did.  He started his first DJ/AV service as Sonic Wave Entertainment and began to accumulate the latest state of the art audio visual gear which only some of the really big AV houses were using at the time.  As a matter of fact, in the early 2000’s his events caught the attention of both Mobile Beat and DJ Times magazines where he was featured for his innovative setups that literally brought the nightclub into the corporate event ballroom.   His (at the time) cutting edge intelligent light and video programming even captured the interest of Martin Lighting.  They were so impressed by Eric’s setup that they would send him new lights to try out as a sponsorship.  His business was booming!

However, as sometimes happens, life had a different plan for Eric and he took some time away from the audio visual production and entertainment business to pursue other interests.  In 2005 he made the move out to Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world which was literally a showcase of the latest cutting-edge lighting and sound gadgets.   Although Eric was in another business altogether, the pull of the bright lights and concert sounds would soon be too much for him to resist.   In 2014 he announced his return to the entertainment business and was asked by the SERG restaurant group in South Carolina to come back out and design a nightclub. 

“It was really such an amazing experience for me.  I had worked with the SERG group while I was in college as a DJ and nightclub consultant.  They became my friends and family and were such great role models.  I loved working with them and when they asked me to go back to the southeast to build a club I could not resist.  The club turned out beautifully and it to this day remains one of the achievements I am most proud of.” 

Once the nightclub was up and running in South Carolina, Eric decided to jump back in the event business with both feet and moved back to Las Vegas, NV in 2017 to restart his event entertainment and production career. 

Back to Las Vegas

Within months back in Las Vegas, he received dozens of 5-star reviews, multiple awards from booking sites, and became a preferred vendor at all of the MGM Properties on the Las Vegas strip as an entertainer and event production designer.

“I finally had to come to grips with the reality that I was never going to leave this business as it was somehow ingrained in my soul.  I took it VERY seriously for the first time in my life, and put my mind to creating something special.  Being back in Vegas I got to work with some of the biggest event companies from all over the world both as an entertainer and as an audio visual vendor.   I would take notes of their design and business processes all the time.  One thing that I noticed consistently was the disappointment my clients would have with the larger In-house, local AV companies.  Not to take anything away from them at all!  I work with and have much respect for those larger companies.  That said, I could see there was a rift forming between what the corporate planners were expecting from both a service and price standpoint.  It almost seemed as though some of the larger companies did not really care about servicing some of the small to medium sized corporate events.  The pricing was absolutely out of control. I mean,   they would literally charge the price to BUY the gear while adding exuberant pricing and service fees on top of that.   I knew in my heart I could create something better.. something special… where the AV company would Partner with the client to create the most memorable events. Not fight or haggle with them over high pricing and sub-par service.” 

The Birth of Phenix on Fire

In 2018, Phenix on Fire Entertainment was born.

“I thought it was appropriate since my audio visual career was literally rising from the, I always was fascinated by that darned bird! ..oh.. and of course the orange speaks to the ‘Clemson Tiger’ forever flowing through my veins.”

Phenix on Fire has a tag line of “Innovative Audio Visual Production & Extraordinary Talent” and Eric says that the intent is create a production company that will break the mold when it comes to value and service for corporate events.   Eric believes that handshakes and hugs should come at the end of the event instead of overblown bills and dissatisfied clients.   

Eric says “Phenix on Fire Entertainment can be summed up like this.. and I’ll steal a quote from Dabo Swinney who is the head football coach at my Alma Matter, Clemson University, ‘Best is Standard’ and that is what I expect our company to provide at all times, for every event no matter the size or budget.”


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