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CLIENT: Noris Medical Group – Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas, NV

Noris Medical Group had their national convention at the beautiful Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV and we were tasked with making the event spectacular!   We had 2 separate rooms to create a “wow” factor at the same time.  We needed to make their “Oscar Theme” with black ties and gown, and red carpet really special for the night.  We designed the Condessa Commons area with battery operated LED sticks, 3-D projected logos, and sound piped in from the main ballroom using wireless remotes to the powered speakers.  We then built a “mirrorball tree” as a centerpiece for the stage which featured 3 “Cirque” performers which also needed to be highlighted.  

CLIENT: Penta Building Group

We worked with the Penta Building Group to design a memorable holiday party for their 500 person staff.  They wanted to feel as though they were walking into a “winter wonderland”.  Although we could not provide the snow, we created 3D, custom, winter animations on the 3 video screens with their logo for when people walked in.  They also wanted a live video feed on the 2 side screens for the annual awards and speeches which we also turned into a live feed on the dance floor when the party began.  In addition they wanted to have their logo scroll around the room as we added their logo to our intelligent lights to make them come alive.  We also dialed up reds and greens as up lighting around the room and in our truss for the holiday effect.  For sound we added 4 tops and 2 subs on the dance floor with remote controlled column array satellite speaker for proper room coverage. 

Client: The Female Quotient

The Female Quotient is a group formed by some of the most successful women around the planet.  They are CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and many others whose purpose it is to shed light on the equality of women in the work place.  They would come in to Las Vegas for multiple events throughout the year and we would provide their audio visual production.  This was not about design as it was providing the proper AV.  For this event we would provide the following gear:  TVs for video loops and presentations, 6-8 wireless mics for their interview panel, live sound board for sound and vocal mixing, and powered speakers on stands for sound. 

Client: Halloween House Party

This originally started out as just a ‘DJ gig” for DJ Scoobie, but after talking with the couple we discovered they really wanted to have an over-the-top Halloween party to show off their new million-dollar home.  We added a small stage with a fiberglass façade with lighting in their living room as a “dj booth”.    We then added intelligent moving head lighting on truss totems on their second floor balcony to give the room height and depth to produce the effect like walking into a Vegas nightclub.  We created custom 3D graphics and filled their massive 20 ft. living room ceiling wall with a projector while tying into the living room TV to tie it all together.  Add some water based haze, and we had ourselves a Las Vegas ‘nightclub like’ house party.


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