What is audio visual design? Probably the easiest and the best way to describe this might be to envision a blank ballroom with your group having their annual company holiday party. They will tell us… “Our theme is winter wonderland, and we want to make it feel like they are walking into Santa’s Workshop”. Or perhaps it is “This is our annual sales meeting and we just had the best year ever! We want to create an Oscar award themed night”.


We meet with you on site for a walkthrough to take videos and pictures of the space: If you are unable to meet as is often the case with our out-of-town planners we will actually meet with the event space representative and take photos and videos to send to you. In addition, we will take measurements and get room diagrams from the venue for the room specifics. This has proved so valuable over the years as these steps allow us to mutually “envision the canvas” we will be working with.

We will discuss your budgetary parameters: While some companies feel they have to keep this budget number concealed until they receive a quote, our clients know that is just not necessary. Why? Because we do not, and will never overcharge our clients, especially for items they just do not need. More importantly, we actually encourage our clients to get other quotes, mostly so they will understand the value that Phenix on Fire Entertainment offers. Again, we will ALWAYS strive to match the correct audio visual gear for our clients at a competitive and reasonable rate. This does not mean we are a discount service offering sub-par gear just to get the job, it means we care about our clients enough to look them in the eye with confidence and pride when we present the quote. Sometimes you might find items for a lower cost and we will always work with you as best we can to match that if possible. As a point of reference, which we will gladly show you, Phenix on Fire Entertainment often saves clients thousands. Usually in the 30-50% range from the in-house companies.

If we can’t do it, we will help you find someone who can: We are a smaller company and we simply don’t have everything your group might need. Does that mean we say “No”? Never. Our goal is to turn your event into a memorable, magical event that your company will be discussing at the water cooler until next year! So if we have to outsource something, we will always tell you, along with the exact cost so you know how the pricing is structured for items outside of our inventory.

Phenix on Fire Entertainment provides the level of detail you are looking for: Any company can plant some uplighting around the room with a static gobo or two and call it good. We LOVE to create new looks. Maybe we will build you a mirror ball tree? Or bring in multiple projectors for and bounce your 3-D company logo around the room? Maybe you are looking for a live video camera feed for your dancefloor? A 3-D laser company logo when you are entering the main ball room? An LED Dance floor matched with an LED wall on stage? There are literally NO limits to what we are able to create for your group and we will ALWAYS bring the wow factor to your group while maximizing your budget!