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Event production can cover such a wide range of items with everything from sound, lighting, LED video walls, staging, tables and chairs, flowers, specialty signage and about one thousand other items that might be required for your event. A term often used here at Phenix on Fire Entertainment is “we bring the sizzle, sparkle and sound to your event”. In other words, we often bring the “Wow factor”. But that is not all we focus on! We can also provide you with TV’s, speakers, microphones, projectors and any other audio-visual needs for your smaller “break-out” sessions or general meeting sessions. When it comes to the ‘sound and lighting’ aspect of the event we can almost always make it happen for your group, and often at a substantial discount from what some of the larger in-house AV companies offer.

What really sets Phenix on Fire Entertainment apart from your other audio-visual companies is that we will ALWAYS strive to match the correct gear with your specific needs and group size. Far too often we hear from clients who have been overcharged for audio visual gear simply because they were told “this is what you need”. Your group of 150 people does NOT need a 12-speaker array sound system that they will charge you over $7,000 per day! With Phenix on Fire you are our partner whether it is a 2-hour or 2-week event. We want to make sure the gear we bring for your event is a good fit and not just the most expensive setup to overcharge the client.


Here are just some examples of the audio-visual gear we can provide for your smaller meeting sessions:

  • Shure Wireless Microphones for your presentation or interview panel
  • Video projectors and screens
  • Midas or Allen & Heath audio mixers for sound and mic mixing
  • Powered speakers by EAW, QSC, ElectroVoice or Yamaha
  • Uplighting or stage lighting


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